Delray Beach


There was a time when Delray Beach was just a piece of land with rich white soil that travellers actually mistook for snow! People in the early settlements, recognizing the beneficial combo of fertile soil and sunny weather, started a farm-based community which went on to attract more people as agriculture flourished. This led to the land boom in the 1920s which paved way for urban avenues and prospects, eventually making Delray Beach a tourist hot-spot.

Today, the city prides in carrying the title of ‘The most fun small town in the USA’, owing to its vibrant night-life and attractive shopping joints.

It’s not all fun in Delray Beach

Like there are two sides to almost everything, Delray Beach, on the brighter side, has enviable beauty and glamour. On the other side is its climate. Though generally mild and easy-going, in the summer time, you’ll most likely feel like you’re walking on the surface of the sun! This is one major reason why plenty of early settlers ranked Delray Beach, or the entire Florida for that matter, very low on their priority-list. But, with the advent of air conditioners, life was blessed with a boon; one that made it a lot easier and more comfortable. The sun can no longer overpower you with its wrath.

When AC trouble comes calling

Let’s face it – Our loyal air conditioners are, more often the not, subject to harsh hard-work. In such a case, it won’t be surprising if one fine day, you come home to a defunct AC. But, such unpredictable situations aren’t desirable either. What you can do is hire a reliable AC partner, who’ll carry out all activities for you, right from installation to emergency repairs. Delray Beach AC Repair will be your friend-in-need for all your air conditioning needs.

Who are we?

We have spent more than two decades delivering quality and affordable services to the amazing clientele in Delray Beach, who trust us to provide them round-the-clock air conditioning assistance. Be it commercial or residential purposes, you can rely on us for the best AC servicing.

We provide a comprehensive range of services in the following zip codes:


Some of our services include:

  • Delray Beach AC Repair Delray Beach, FL 561-327-7223Installing new ACs for residential and commercial spaces
  • Speedy repair and maintenance
  • Cleaning up ACs and changing the filter
  • Improvement of Interior Air Quality
  • Replacements and spare-parts
  • Fixing problems related to compressor or condenser
  • Detecting leaks in your AC’s refrigerant
  • Installation of ductless mini-split system
  • Setting up commercial HVAC

Reach Delray Beach AC Repair at 561-327-7223 to hire our Air conditioning services in Delray Beach anytime!